Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Any Day Now!!

Well The Past few months my doctor has been trying to decide if she wants to induce me or not. The Original reason was because of the little bit of worry about his kidneys not working right, but then that was all cleared up thankfully. Then we realized we have a big baby growing inside me when i was about 32 weeks we had or first ultra sound appointment with Maternal Fetal Medicin (MFM) and they told us that Baby Lennon was already 5lbs and around then is when babies start to gain half a pound or more a week so my doctor was worried we would have a 10lbs baby on our hands and so to check his size again we set up another appointment at MFM for when I hit 37 weeks! That appointment was on January 10th and when they checked him he was measuring at 7.5lbs so they decided not to induce me for size. even though hes big hes on the smaller side of big. But another scare at MFM when they checked my blood pressure it was a little high so they had another concern this time is was that i could have Preeclampsia which is high blood pressure in pregnant girls and they only way to fix it is to have the baby. So once again the possibility of being induced was there. so for the next 24 hours every time i had to go pee i had to go in a Jug so that they could test it to make sure that i dont have preeclampsia. Luckly I had a regular Prenatal appointment already set up for the next day, so when i went in they took my blood and tested everything. It took a couple hours for the test results to get back to me but i had already decided that either way it was going to be good news because one i would be induced and finally be able to see my baby boy! or two i dont have preeclampsia. At my check up my doctor told me that as soon as she got the test results she would call me and let me know.  LONGEST FOUR HOURS OF MY LIFE!! Finally i got the call and we found out that i dont have preeclampsia. which of course is good but i was a little sad because i am just so ready to this little one to finally be in our lives and out of my belly! Then at my 38 week check up my blood pressure was high again and she was a little worried still and sent me back over to MFM to take a stress test to see if i was stressed and to check the baby! passed that and once again not being induced. But when she checked my Amniotic Fluid levels she noticed that they are little low. the average range is about 7-24cm and i only have 8cm so its still in average range but on the low side. but now we are just playing the waiting game! i'm not sure how much of the restless sleep my body can take. I know that sleep isnt going to come easy when Baby Lennon gets here because i have to feed him and change him but atleast i'll have something cute to look at when that happens and i wont feel like a giant elephant or a lead ball is in my stomach.
Finally got our Maternity Pictures back!! they were taken when i was about 30-31 weeks so my belly is a lot bigger now! but i love my pictures!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A little Over a month Left!!

Well things sure have been a little crazy in this Cabe house the past few months! 
Back in October I got to go home to GA to visit with family, Friends and have a baby shower! it was so much fun! On Day Alex and Tiffanee Kidnapped me and took me to Helen, Got to see mom's Grave, Went to the mountains with mom, T.J. and his girlfriend and her son. also Lindsay's Family! the whole trip was awesome and I'm so glad I got to spend time with family! cause I miss them a lot! Chris and I Also Surprised his mom and two younger sisters by going to Washington for thanksgiving to spend time with his family! it was a lot of fun! ( Pictures & The Bottom)
As some of you know we have had several ultra sounds throughout this pregnancy to check on Baby Lennon's Kidney's because they have been Dilated since I was 20 weeks. so at my last appointment in November my doctor wanted me to go see a specialist at the hospital in the Maternal fetal Medicine Department to make sure that there was no other concerns with his kidneys and to check the dilation. So on Tuesday December 4 Chris and i went over to the hospital continently located across from our neighborhood and i was really worried that something could be wrong with our little one! As we finally get called back and do the ultra sound the doctors were so helpful and kind and took every worry away. they let us know that it is common in little boys that it takes a little longer for them to learn how to pee in amniotic fluid because its a lot thicker then air but his kidneys are no longer dilated and he has a good bill of health. being 32 weeks pregnant i get weekly updates on my phone of what size Lennon should be how much he should weigh which is only about 3 lbs right now. and when they took his measurements he is looking like he is about 5 lbs right now! so he has either had a growth spurt or we are going to have a giant baby on our hands. So at my appointment to day with my doctor she told me she wants me to have another Ultrasound with maternal fetal medicine Jan 10, 2013 to check his size again to see if it will be better to induce me rather then wait for my due date. so we will see how that goes!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Lennon

So back in August on my Birthday we found out that we are having a little baby boy! Not only was is special because it was my birthday but that morning Mark David Chapman, the man that assassinated John Lennon was denied parole for a seventh time. What makes that so Significant to Christopher and I is the fact that 1. Chris is the Biggest Beatles Fan I think in the world, 2. A John Lennon Poster is framed in our living room meaning that John is Chris's favorite Beatle and 3. Our baby's name is John Lennon Alexander Del Cabe!

Its Crazy Long I know and believe me I have tried many a times to have John taken off the name but it is really Important to Chris to have the whole name on there. But each name has meaning for Chris. John Lennon for the reasons above Alexander was chosen because Chris' best friend in high school passed away while Chris was serving his mission. Del is Chris' dad's first name and as tradition in the Cabe family the first born son gets the grandfathers first name as his middle name. Though our baby has a ton of names we will call him Lennon!
In Other news I finally got my Ticket home to GA for my baby Shower in October!! I am so excited to see my Family and friends! and this will be the first time that I have been in GA in the fall and had time to do stuff! so I plan on going up to the mountains and seeing how beautiful the change in the leaves is! I am so excited!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

*Big News*

Well my School semester is over and summer is almost over too! This year has already been full of great things for both Chris and I! Though I did have a trying semester at school I did end up passing a my classes some came a little to close for comfort and it has really discouraged me about school! but having the amazing husband that I do he gives me the push I need to continue and get my degree! But this summer as been tons of fun! for Memorial weekend I went to Vegas with some friends with out Chris! it was a lot of fun but I don't think I can go on a vacation like that with out him again! We Stayed at the Monte Carlo and had so much fun! I had my first experience with Gambling! not very good at it but it was a lot of fun to try out! we were right across from the Hard Rock so we ate there most of the time and walked over to the New York New York! and on the last day the guys were gambling at MGM and Hollie and I  walked around taking pictures!

After I got back from Vegas I started to have this feeling like I was pregnant because I was about a week late but didn't really think about it because I had been so irregular the past few months! Then one night we were getting ready to go to the movies with a friend and I got really nauseated and told Chris that we might need to get a Pregnancy test! but other then that I just chalked it up to getting dizzy watching Chris play BioShock on the PS3! The next day we went up to salt lake and Chris had a movie meeting with some friends he was helping out. I hung out with my friend Summer! On the way back to Provo I convinced Chris to stop a Smith's to get a pizza for dinner and I would get a Pregnancy Test! but for some reason I Smiths keeps them locked up in the pharmacy so we couldn't get one! so the next day on my way home from work i stopped at a different grocery store and got dinner and get a test as well! I was really scared and once i took it at first i thought it was negative then the second line showed up and I started bawling I didn't know what to think because we had decided that we weren't going to have babies for a while so I could finish school and get better financially and I was going to get back on birth control! but someone else had other plans for us! so i walked out into the kitchen and was holding it in my hand and told Chris and at first he didn't stay anything and I was just bawling then he started laughing and then crying! a couple of his friends showed up and so we told them what happened and we quickly called our parents and siblings Then Staycee and Spencer and told them the great news! then we went over to the Hutchings house and had a little celebration! Then next morning Chris told close friends at work and I Spent the morning calling close friends from back home and ones out here! Because i did have a miscarriage last summer we wanted to be careful and not tell a whole bunch of people before I was past a safe distance! so we decided that we weren't going to tell anyone until we heard our baby's heart beat for the first time! and yesterday we finally got to hear it! It was amazing i didnt cry at the doctors office but thinking about it and listening to the recording of it brings tears to my eyes because our baby's heart beat is really strong and we are so excited to be parents! Chris has gotten to this mode of wanting to build everything for the baby! i told him he can do that as long as i know that its safe! But our baby is due at the end of January and we couldn't be more excited!! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcoming 2012

I hope everyone had a great Hoilday Season, I know we Did! We got to have a small early Christmas with Chris’s siblings before Jenna and Julia went back to Ohio for Christams. Then Chris and I had our own little Christmas on Christmas Day! It was so nice to spend some time together and just relax for the day! Then went up to my aunt’s house for dinner and my nana and papa were there! It is always nice to see them because we don’t get to see them very often! I really want to take Chris California because he has never been! Then the next day Chris took me to the airport so I could go home to Georgia for a week! It was really emotional at the airport because we have been married for a year and a half now and have not spent time apart. But it was important to us that at least I go home for a while!
While I was home I got to know my niece and nephew better which was great! They are so adorable! Caleb is getting so big and he is so full of energy! He loves the power rangers so he was trying to fight me as if he was one! Little miss Maya is so stinking cute I just couldn’t get enough of her! She is a girly girl and so prissy! I even caught he walking around with my Juicy Purse on her shoulder (which is about the same size as her!)
I got to use tiff’s car, which was really nice that I didn’t have to worry about transportation and fighting over the cars. I wish I had taken more  pictures! I was staying at the girls apartment and they both have really cute little dogs! Alfie and Bruiser (booze) ! Booze is alex’s dog and he is so cute he is like a giant ball of fur I just wanted to stick him in my purse and take him home with me!

On Thursday Tiff and I went to the Georgia Aquarium! it was really cool i had never been there before so i was such a fun experience! they have so really Pretty Fish and other Sea Creatures. we were standing by the Beluga whales and it was so funny cause i had just asked Tiffanee if they poop and she didn't know and then all of a sudden like a chain reaction they all pooped with there butts towards just! it was gross but i got my answer! when we were in the room with the Huge tank it was just so calming!  

I got to see my cousin Josh and his Wife Kylie and finally meet their little angel Lexi she is so adorable! so Tiff and i went out there on friday morning which was a hassle just to get there because we kept getting turned around! needless to say he lived in the middle of nowhere! we stopped at a gas station to get gas near their house and a chicken was just walking around the parking lot! 

On Friday Night I got to go over to the Leonard's house and see them! I was so excited i literally planned my trip around them so i could see them when they got home from vacation! I hadnt seen Luke in over 2 years because he was on his mission! They are my favorite family in snellville other then my own! it was just like old times just hanging out and playing Five Crowns! I loved Every Minute of it!

For New Year's Eve we went to visit Lindsay and the kids for a little while and then up to Alex's restaurant and back to my parents house to send new years with them! Meagen was with me and Brea came over to my parents house! My Vacation was so much Fun but it was So nice to get back to my husband and to get back into our normal routine. my normal Routine doesnt start until next week when School starts and i go back to work! but this week i'm working on getting the house back in order and taking Christmas decortations down! We also Finally got our Package From the Cabe Family of our Christmas gifts from them. Chris's dad got us outfits from India that were really cool!  We got in total this year 8 movies for Christmas! 
We have also made our goals for the year which I am really excited about! here is my list of goals for 2012

1.Get all A's & B's in my classes by studying, attending class and doing my work
2. Loose about 15-20 more pounds by going to the gym everyday and eating better
3. Do a Semi-Vegetarian Diet, No red meat, Fish & chicken Sparingly 
4. Save Money - No unneeded Purchases
5. Start looking for house to move in August Hopefully.
6. Be better about Praying and Reading my scriptures
7. Get my passport so i can go on a cool vacation!
8. Have Chris build me a shelf in the bathroom for my hair and other accessories
9. Do more Pinterest Crafts
10. Cook more

Chris has his own set of goals but we are both helping each other to reach them. I think that 2012 will be a great year!

"Write it on your hear that every day is the best day in the year."

           - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, September 24, 2011

End Of Summer

Well I know its been a long time since i last updated our blog but i'm not going to lie we had a little bit of a rough Summer. July was the worst...we had some serious trials that really were difficult to over come, and if Chris was not as strong as he is i don't think i would have made it through. He is the best husband i could have ever asked for, Hes always there to hold me up when i'm starting to fall. 

On a better note August Started off great We had family come in to town because of Cameron & Kylee's Wedding and all of Chris's family stayed with us. just imagine a small 2 bedroom house with with 8 people in it for a week. not much space! but it was a lot of Fun. The wedding was Very Beautiful and the Temple session was fantastic. I have never seen Chris Cry that much :) it was Sweet. After the Temple they took Pictures outside.

After all the Family Left Except for Julia (because she is going to BYU) things started to get back to normal with work and getting the house clean again. I was Starting to get really excited for school to start and to get new hours at work since i would be going to school at night. Then another trial hit. i was Let go at work along with about 150 other people. I am still ever so thankful that Chris was not one of them. I think the mass let go was because they anticipated that the company would be bigger then it ended up being at the end of the summer but that's just my theory. I'm not angry or hurt i'm actually a lot happier now not working there! i did still attend the great party that Staycee planed  for all the customer support reps. it was a lot of fun, I was nervous about going because i had just been let go  two days before but i was there to Support Great Friends and my Husband. But i did get a new job in what i think is record time! i was laid off on the 18th i went home started looking for jobs in a frenzy and had an interview on the 23rd (My Birthday!!) Got called about the Job on the 24th. So got a job in less then a week of being let go! that is was a call a miracle! But my New job is great! i'm a Researcher/Receptionist for a company called The Public Group. we are a government auction site where they can auction off any of there surplus items and people can buy them. so its basically E-Bay for the Government!
Did i already mention that i have the Best husband in the world because i really do!! He got me the greatest birthday present ever!! First because i was laid off he wasnt sure if we could afford it so he made me a cute little cardboard iPad. but then after i got my job and my school money back we went out and bought me a real one! Like i Said
So  School has begun and i never have to go back to LDSBC I transferred to UVU this fall and i absolutely love it!! I get lost on campus at least once a week and its a huge campus so i'm getting a lot of exercise. which is always a plus! My classes this semester are great! since its my first time at an actual university i decided to take a Student Success class because i'm actually going to have to study for tests in this school and i might need some new ideas on how to study! I'm also taking an Astronomy class that is taught by one of the ladies in my ward. she just recently graduated from BYU and is teaching at UVU! shes really nice! I do have one Saturday class which isn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. Its Art History and i am fascinated by the ancient art that we study. I also find it sad that we look at this art and the ruins of the cities that they were created in and think of how beautiful these places must have been in their prime and wish that if there wasn't the need to conquer every piece of  land we want then maybe these places would be preserved better. My favorite class by far this Semester is Intro to  Criminal Justice! 

I was really worried about this class because this was the decision point for my major. if i didn't like the class then i know i was not going to enjoy my major and would once again have to re-evaluate what it is i want to do with my life! but this Semester so far has just confirmed for that i want to work for the FBI. Chris and i have talked about it and i have some what started training for Quantico because after graduation i plan to attend there for Special agent training. its a 21 week course that i would go to and live there. but it will be nice because you still get paid while your there. Since i dont want to have kids right after school because i will just be starting my career we have decided that we are going to start trying this year and the next! So while i'm away training at Quantico Chris will be the great stay at home dad! which was our plan from the beginning! 
Chris is still working at Vivint and he seems to be enjoying it! i know he really likes the people he works with at least! and he is in the running for a new team lead position which will be a nice little pay raise along with more responsibly! but i know that he can handle it! because he thrives off of pressure!! which is the TOTAL opposite of me!  
But Until Next Time!!

-The Cabe's

Thursday, June 9, 2011

★New Home★

Chris and I have finally started our new jobs at Vivint! it was defiantly a long two weeks of driving back and forth from salt lake to Provo every day but we did it! last weekend we rented a U-haul and moved all of our stuff down to Provo and into our new home.  we now live in the main floor of a house and have neighbors that live in the basement. Our house is a two bed one bath with a huge eat in kitchen! we have a fire place that has a mantel that we have decorated with pictures and some other small trinkets. We are very Great full for Spencer and Staycee Hutchings for finding us the house to live in! and our new jobs. but here are a few pictures so you can see how we have decorated our new home so far! chris has done such a wonderful job making it feel like home.
The Living Room!

 Hallway and Bedroom

Bathroom & Chris' Music room