Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Any Day Now!!

Well The Past few months my doctor has been trying to decide if she wants to induce me or not. The Original reason was because of the little bit of worry about his kidneys not working right, but then that was all cleared up thankfully. Then we realized we have a big baby growing inside me when i was about 32 weeks we had or first ultra sound appointment with Maternal Fetal Medicin (MFM) and they told us that Baby Lennon was already 5lbs and around then is when babies start to gain half a pound or more a week so my doctor was worried we would have a 10lbs baby on our hands and so to check his size again we set up another appointment at MFM for when I hit 37 weeks! That appointment was on January 10th and when they checked him he was measuring at 7.5lbs so they decided not to induce me for size. even though hes big hes on the smaller side of big. But another scare at MFM when they checked my blood pressure it was a little high so they had another concern this time is was that i could have Preeclampsia which is high blood pressure in pregnant girls and they only way to fix it is to have the baby. So once again the possibility of being induced was there. so for the next 24 hours every time i had to go pee i had to go in a Jug so that they could test it to make sure that i dont have preeclampsia. Luckly I had a regular Prenatal appointment already set up for the next day, so when i went in they took my blood and tested everything. It took a couple hours for the test results to get back to me but i had already decided that either way it was going to be good news because one i would be induced and finally be able to see my baby boy! or two i dont have preeclampsia. At my check up my doctor told me that as soon as she got the test results she would call me and let me know.  LONGEST FOUR HOURS OF MY LIFE!! Finally i got the call and we found out that i dont have preeclampsia. which of course is good but i was a little sad because i am just so ready to this little one to finally be in our lives and out of my belly! Then at my 38 week check up my blood pressure was high again and she was a little worried still and sent me back over to MFM to take a stress test to see if i was stressed and to check the baby! passed that and once again not being induced. But when she checked my Amniotic Fluid levels she noticed that they are little low. the average range is about 7-24cm and i only have 8cm so its still in average range but on the low side. but now we are just playing the waiting game! i'm not sure how much of the restless sleep my body can take. I know that sleep isnt going to come easy when Baby Lennon gets here because i have to feed him and change him but atleast i'll have something cute to look at when that happens and i wont feel like a giant elephant or a lead ball is in my stomach.
Finally got our Maternity Pictures back!! they were taken when i was about 30-31 weeks so my belly is a lot bigger now! but i love my pictures!

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