Thursday, July 19, 2012

*Big News*

Well my School semester is over and summer is almost over too! This year has already been full of great things for both Chris and I! Though I did have a trying semester at school I did end up passing a my classes some came a little to close for comfort and it has really discouraged me about school! but having the amazing husband that I do he gives me the push I need to continue and get my degree! But this summer as been tons of fun! for Memorial weekend I went to Vegas with some friends with out Chris! it was a lot of fun but I don't think I can go on a vacation like that with out him again! We Stayed at the Monte Carlo and had so much fun! I had my first experience with Gambling! not very good at it but it was a lot of fun to try out! we were right across from the Hard Rock so we ate there most of the time and walked over to the New York New York! and on the last day the guys were gambling at MGM and Hollie and I  walked around taking pictures!

After I got back from Vegas I started to have this feeling like I was pregnant because I was about a week late but didn't really think about it because I had been so irregular the past few months! Then one night we were getting ready to go to the movies with a friend and I got really nauseated and told Chris that we might need to get a Pregnancy test! but other then that I just chalked it up to getting dizzy watching Chris play BioShock on the PS3! The next day we went up to salt lake and Chris had a movie meeting with some friends he was helping out. I hung out with my friend Summer! On the way back to Provo I convinced Chris to stop a Smith's to get a pizza for dinner and I would get a Pregnancy Test! but for some reason I Smiths keeps them locked up in the pharmacy so we couldn't get one! so the next day on my way home from work i stopped at a different grocery store and got dinner and get a test as well! I was really scared and once i took it at first i thought it was negative then the second line showed up and I started bawling I didn't know what to think because we had decided that we weren't going to have babies for a while so I could finish school and get better financially and I was going to get back on birth control! but someone else had other plans for us! so i walked out into the kitchen and was holding it in my hand and told Chris and at first he didn't stay anything and I was just bawling then he started laughing and then crying! a couple of his friends showed up and so we told them what happened and we quickly called our parents and siblings Then Staycee and Spencer and told them the great news! then we went over to the Hutchings house and had a little celebration! Then next morning Chris told close friends at work and I Spent the morning calling close friends from back home and ones out here! Because i did have a miscarriage last summer we wanted to be careful and not tell a whole bunch of people before I was past a safe distance! so we decided that we weren't going to tell anyone until we heard our baby's heart beat for the first time! and yesterday we finally got to hear it! It was amazing i didnt cry at the doctors office but thinking about it and listening to the recording of it brings tears to my eyes because our baby's heart beat is really strong and we are so excited to be parents! Chris has gotten to this mode of wanting to build everything for the baby! i told him he can do that as long as i know that its safe! But our baby is due at the end of January and we couldn't be more excited!! 

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