Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Lennon

So back in August on my Birthday we found out that we are having a little baby boy! Not only was is special because it was my birthday but that morning Mark David Chapman, the man that assassinated John Lennon was denied parole for a seventh time. What makes that so Significant to Christopher and I is the fact that 1. Chris is the Biggest Beatles Fan I think in the world, 2. A John Lennon Poster is framed in our living room meaning that John is Chris's favorite Beatle and 3. Our baby's name is John Lennon Alexander Del Cabe!

Its Crazy Long I know and believe me I have tried many a times to have John taken off the name but it is really Important to Chris to have the whole name on there. But each name has meaning for Chris. John Lennon for the reasons above Alexander was chosen because Chris' best friend in high school passed away while Chris was serving his mission. Del is Chris' dad's first name and as tradition in the Cabe family the first born son gets the grandfathers first name as his middle name. Though our baby has a ton of names we will call him Lennon!
In Other news I finally got my Ticket home to GA for my baby Shower in October!! I am so excited to see my Family and friends! and this will be the first time that I have been in GA in the fall and had time to do stuff! so I plan on going up to the mountains and seeing how beautiful the change in the leaves is! I am so excited!