Saturday, September 24, 2011

End Of Summer

Well I know its been a long time since i last updated our blog but i'm not going to lie we had a little bit of a rough Summer. July was the worst...we had some serious trials that really were difficult to over come, and if Chris was not as strong as he is i don't think i would have made it through. He is the best husband i could have ever asked for, Hes always there to hold me up when i'm starting to fall. 

On a better note August Started off great We had family come in to town because of Cameron & Kylee's Wedding and all of Chris's family stayed with us. just imagine a small 2 bedroom house with with 8 people in it for a week. not much space! but it was a lot of Fun. The wedding was Very Beautiful and the Temple session was fantastic. I have never seen Chris Cry that much :) it was Sweet. After the Temple they took Pictures outside.

After all the Family Left Except for Julia (because she is going to BYU) things started to get back to normal with work and getting the house clean again. I was Starting to get really excited for school to start and to get new hours at work since i would be going to school at night. Then another trial hit. i was Let go at work along with about 150 other people. I am still ever so thankful that Chris was not one of them. I think the mass let go was because they anticipated that the company would be bigger then it ended up being at the end of the summer but that's just my theory. I'm not angry or hurt i'm actually a lot happier now not working there! i did still attend the great party that Staycee planed  for all the customer support reps. it was a lot of fun, I was nervous about going because i had just been let go  two days before but i was there to Support Great Friends and my Husband. But i did get a new job in what i think is record time! i was laid off on the 18th i went home started looking for jobs in a frenzy and had an interview on the 23rd (My Birthday!!) Got called about the Job on the 24th. So got a job in less then a week of being let go! that is was a call a miracle! But my New job is great! i'm a Researcher/Receptionist for a company called The Public Group. we are a government auction site where they can auction off any of there surplus items and people can buy them. so its basically E-Bay for the Government!
Did i already mention that i have the Best husband in the world because i really do!! He got me the greatest birthday present ever!! First because i was laid off he wasnt sure if we could afford it so he made me a cute little cardboard iPad. but then after i got my job and my school money back we went out and bought me a real one! Like i Said
So  School has begun and i never have to go back to LDSBC I transferred to UVU this fall and i absolutely love it!! I get lost on campus at least once a week and its a huge campus so i'm getting a lot of exercise. which is always a plus! My classes this semester are great! since its my first time at an actual university i decided to take a Student Success class because i'm actually going to have to study for tests in this school and i might need some new ideas on how to study! I'm also taking an Astronomy class that is taught by one of the ladies in my ward. she just recently graduated from BYU and is teaching at UVU! shes really nice! I do have one Saturday class which isn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. Its Art History and i am fascinated by the ancient art that we study. I also find it sad that we look at this art and the ruins of the cities that they were created in and think of how beautiful these places must have been in their prime and wish that if there wasn't the need to conquer every piece of  land we want then maybe these places would be preserved better. My favorite class by far this Semester is Intro to  Criminal Justice! 

I was really worried about this class because this was the decision point for my major. if i didn't like the class then i know i was not going to enjoy my major and would once again have to re-evaluate what it is i want to do with my life! but this Semester so far has just confirmed for that i want to work for the FBI. Chris and i have talked about it and i have some what started training for Quantico because after graduation i plan to attend there for Special agent training. its a 21 week course that i would go to and live there. but it will be nice because you still get paid while your there. Since i dont want to have kids right after school because i will just be starting my career we have decided that we are going to start trying this year and the next! So while i'm away training at Quantico Chris will be the great stay at home dad! which was our plan from the beginning! 
Chris is still working at Vivint and he seems to be enjoying it! i know he really likes the people he works with at least! and he is in the running for a new team lead position which will be a nice little pay raise along with more responsibly! but i know that he can handle it! because he thrives off of pressure!! which is the TOTAL opposite of me!  
But Until Next Time!!

-The Cabe's

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