Thursday, December 6, 2012

A little Over a month Left!!

Well things sure have been a little crazy in this Cabe house the past few months! 
Back in October I got to go home to GA to visit with family, Friends and have a baby shower! it was so much fun! On Day Alex and Tiffanee Kidnapped me and took me to Helen, Got to see mom's Grave, Went to the mountains with mom, T.J. and his girlfriend and her son. also Lindsay's Family! the whole trip was awesome and I'm so glad I got to spend time with family! cause I miss them a lot! Chris and I Also Surprised his mom and two younger sisters by going to Washington for thanksgiving to spend time with his family! it was a lot of fun! ( Pictures & The Bottom)
As some of you know we have had several ultra sounds throughout this pregnancy to check on Baby Lennon's Kidney's because they have been Dilated since I was 20 weeks. so at my last appointment in November my doctor wanted me to go see a specialist at the hospital in the Maternal fetal Medicine Department to make sure that there was no other concerns with his kidneys and to check the dilation. So on Tuesday December 4 Chris and i went over to the hospital continently located across from our neighborhood and i was really worried that something could be wrong with our little one! As we finally get called back and do the ultra sound the doctors were so helpful and kind and took every worry away. they let us know that it is common in little boys that it takes a little longer for them to learn how to pee in amniotic fluid because its a lot thicker then air but his kidneys are no longer dilated and he has a good bill of health. being 32 weeks pregnant i get weekly updates on my phone of what size Lennon should be how much he should weigh which is only about 3 lbs right now. and when they took his measurements he is looking like he is about 5 lbs right now! so he has either had a growth spurt or we are going to have a giant baby on our hands. So at my appointment to day with my doctor she told me she wants me to have another Ultrasound with maternal fetal medicine Jan 10, 2013 to check his size again to see if it will be better to induce me rather then wait for my due date. so we will see how that goes!


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