Friday, April 15, 2011

❤☮Life's Changing!☮❤

The Past few months have been extremely difficult for me with work and school. i feel as though i haven't been myself because i don't have any time to. if i wasn't at school i was at work or climbing into bed. and that is not how i want to live my life right now. i have been depressed and its not what i need. i feel that i work to much and i don't like my job. i dread going to work every day and pray that i'm not going to get yelled at for something stupid. i'm ready for something new. something thats not going to make me smell bad or hate a food i loved at one time.
Now School is over and we have decides to move our lives from Salt lake city down to Provo. Neither of us have ever want to live in Happy Valley and the decision didn't come easy! a couple weeks ago we went down to Provo to visit with some of our good friends Staycee and Spencer Hutching so that Chris and Staycee could practice for Open Mic Night at Velour Live music Gallery and we were talking about moving and me wanting to find a new job and how frustrating looking for both a new job and apartment are. Spencer Causally said how awesome it would be if we moved to Provo but i protested and said that BYU doesn't have my Major and he suggested that UVU might so we got on the computer and sure enough they do. Staycee soon chimed in and said that she could get us both jobs at Vivint (in different departments of course). so we decided to start considering Provo as a moving option and prayed to find out if it was the right thing for us to do! each day we started to feel like this is the right thing for us. Staycee even helped us find an apartment in their ward. we have been truly blessed to have them in our lives to help us with our move to Provo.
I had an interview at Vivint on Tuesday and i was really nervous about it. I was a little shaky at first but once i got comfortable things started to smooth over. I really think that i will enjoy working at Vivint the people in charge seem to be upbeat and encouraging. The whole atmosphere was fantastic and positive. I loved everything about it!
Later that night Staycee and Chris sang at Velour and did such a good job! I Love listening to Chris play music and sing!

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  1. I LOVE it!!!!!! I'm so excited for you two to come up here! We will have so much fun at church and doing different things! I'll have an awesome friend!!! I'm happy you decided to make the change. I'm also excited that we found a place for you guys! So perfect! If you need anything else, let me know!