Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bought My First Car!

Well Chris and I have now been married for 10 months and it has been an exciting road to take! without realizing the date yesterday i went to the bank to do the final paper work for getting a car loan! and as i was signing the papers i realized that it was our 10 months!
I also got my Offer letter from Vivint and i start working there June 6th! i am so excited!! Chris has an interview with Vivint on Thursday and if all goes well he will start May 23!
But as i was saying about the car! Our old car we were planning on giving to one of Chris's siblings to use while they were out here for college but something happened and it was going to cost us over 1000 dollars to fix! we were already in the market for a new car any ways this just made the process speed up a bit! i cant express how thankful i am the Chris works for the church right now and found out that they sell cars! we got our 2007 Silver Toyota Corolla for a really good price! its beautiful!! 
Until Next Time
-The Cabe's

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