Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This Weekend we went to Lagoon, Greg, Chris's friend and band mate gave us free tickets! Lagoon is not as fun as six flags or Kings Island (according to Chris) but it was fun! The best Ride they had was "Wicked!"
While we were standing in line for the ride spider we were just talking about the best way to escape if something were to go wrong and i look over at the guy standing in front of us and checked out his tattoo on his arm it was the Salt lake temple with a giant robot about to step on it! Though i don't agree with the hate he obviously feel about the church i thought the temple looked really cool!
"the temple tattoo of the guy in line"
 Do you really think anyone would sit on this?

Over all i had a great weekend! Went to Lagoon got to see my brother and hang out with him and Daphne Sopoco for a while! 

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