Saturday, January 22, 2011

Journey to the New Year

The end of 2010 was excellent! We had a nice Thanksgiving with family and friends! Chris made a great turkey!

We finished the semester great and went to Ohio for Christmas and such a good time! With this Christmas being my first time away from my home in Georgia my Cabe & Riggs family helped me feel completely comfortable! While we were there we found a cute little poodle in the middle of the street when we left some ward members house! we took the dog home and called the county sheriffs department because the have records of registered animals. it turns out that the dogs name was cookie and shes 16.5 years old has a tumor is going blind!(what a trooper) she took to me like i was her mama! makes me want a puppy! and it was also my first time to ever have a white Christmas! the irony in that is that my first Christmas not is Georgia is that the also had a fantastic white Christmas! we had a very relaxing week and enjoyed hanging out with family, watched tons of movies and plays lots of games. 
hanging out with the Riggs side of the Cabe family!!!

Falling asleep doesn't mean your bored it means your comfortable in your surroundings! :)

Since being back we started school again and have been really busy at work! trying to find time to be with friends and each other but we make it work!

★The Cabe's★

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